MKS Makines - Machine, Block, Gangsaw, Slab, Polishing, Cutting, Calibration, Calibrating, Honing, Chamfering, Bush Hammer, Rotator, Bridge Saw, Cutter, Cutting, Marble

MKS Machines

MKS feels proud of the rightful trust to its machines working in homeland and in the world throughout 28 years, and has been making its best to present the best quality to you.

We, as MKS, aim at you to obtain the products combining the great workmanship and the quality for more efficient use of underground affluence in the direction of your sensations and thoughts.

Our company is in action on 23.000 m2 area that 7.500 m2 of this area is roofed. MKS, with the experienced staff, has a structure that follows the new technologies continuously, and always supports its customers after sale by the technical support group.

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