Open Frame Gang Saw for Marble

Технические характеристики

MKS 40 / 50 Blades Open Frame Gang saw for Small and Big Marble, Travertine, Limestone, and Natural Stone Blocks

Open-frame gang saws are mainly used for sawing irregular marble blocks and when big productions are not required.

The open structure means that the blade holder frame is moving up and down following the cut of the block.

The rectilinear movement is given on 4 articulated rectilinear guides attached to the open frame structure. These rectilinear articulated guides vastly reduce maintenance costs because they do not require replacement like the traditional slideways which are subject to continuous wearing. They are aligned with the fulcrum of the connecting rods. The thrust is along the same axis which means a perfectly balanced open frame gang saw for marble and natural stone blocks.

Number of blades (  2cm )no.4050
Strokes per minuteno.8585
Blade stroke lengthmm600600
Blade dimensionsmm4.200 x 1804.200 x 180
Main motor powerkW90110
Maximum cutting width at a time mm1.1501.440
Rapid ascent/descent motor powerkW5,55,5
Rapid ascent/descent speedcm/1hr0 - 600 - 60
Slow descent motor powerkW1,11,1
Slow ascent/descent speedcm/1hr2 - 342 - 34
Max. block sizes ( L x W x H )mm3.250x2.500x2.000 
Total installed powerkW101121
Overall dimensions ( L x W x H )mm13.800x5.300x3.55013.800x5.300x3.550
Water requirementl/mins  400500
Machine weightkg36.00038.000


С 1978 года мы гордимся законным доверием к нашим машинам, которые успешно работают в стране и мире, и стремимся предложить вам качество.

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