Block Cutter ST 1800

Technicial Specifications

A Block Cutter/Cutting Machine Cuts Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Basalt & Natural Stone Blocks into Tiles/Strips. 

Vertical disc daimetermm1000-14001000-16001000-1800
Horizontal disc daimetermm450*450*450*
Vertical disc motor powerkw/hp110/148110/148110/148
Horizontal disc motor powerkw/hp18.5/2518.5/2518.5/25
Bridge right-left movement motor powerkw/hp1.5/21.5/21.5/2
Bridge up-down movement motor powerkw/hp3/43/43/4
Cabin forward-backward movement motor powerkw/hp7.5/107.5/107.5/10
Horizontal disc open-close hydrolic motor powerkw/hp1.1/1.51.1/1.51.1/1.5
Trolley motor powerkw/hp2.2/32.2/32.2/3
Total electric powerkw/hp144/193144/193144/193
Water requiredlt/min100-150100-150100-150
Max. Block dimensions (Length x Width x Height)mm3600-2200**-24003500-2200**-24003500-2200**-2400
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height)mm8200 x 5350 x 48008200 x 5350 x 48008200 x 5350 x 4800
Machine weightkg165001650016500
* Yatay testere çapı isteğe bağlı büyütülebilir
* The horizontal dis daimeter can be increased optionally
** Kullanılan dikey testere çapına bağlıdır
** It depens on the diameter of the used vertical disc


Since 1978, we are proud of the rightful trust in our machines that have been working successfully in the country and in the world, and we are in an effort to offer you quality.

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