Double Disc Cross Cutting

Technicial Specifications

Disc daimetermm350350
Min./Max. cutting width between two disksmm120-650120-1350
Min./Max. cutting thicknessmm0-40 (0-70*)0-40 (0-70*)
Disc motor powerkw/hp7.5/107.5/10
Bridge forward-backward movement motor powerkw/hp1.1/1.51.1/1.5
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height)mm3160 x 1450 x 15504900 x 2025 x 2160
Machine weightkg15502100
* İsteğe Bağlı 
* Optional

Since 1978, we are proud of the rightful trust in our machines that have been working successfully in the country and in the world, and we are in an effort to offer you quality.

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