Gang Saw ( Gangsaw for Marble )

Technicial Specifications

Diamond Multiblade Gang Saw (Gangsaw) Machine for Marble & Natural Stone Cutting 

MKS Gangsaw for Marble, designed for the accurate cutting of marble blocks into slabs, is an innovator machine with a fixed blade rack guided with a hydrostatic linear guides system and a strong block elevator. Thanks to the specifications of high-speed cutting, long cutting stroke, and maximum block elevation speed, it obtains a smooth and clean cutting surface on the marble slabs. Marble Gang Saw has a secure and long life advantage because of the well-calculated dynamic balance and rigid structure of the Diamond Marble Gang Saw which is generated by the accurate machining process of all parts joining together.

According to the studies made by the R&D department of MKS about the problems occurring during the movement of the blade rack, the linear bearing system eliminates the problems. 

Alternative solution for blade rack movement system: Hydrostatic Linear Guide 

Thanks to the hydrostatic linear bearing system ensure the blade rack is in steady linear form against the forces occurring from different directions during the cutting operation. Therefore, the surfaces of the slabs are absolutely slick and the thicknesses of the slabs become the same from the beginning to the end.

Gangsaw Machine for Marble works without vibration at high speeds because of the hydrostatic linear bearings. Also, the first running power is low due to the low friction forces on the guides. Oil flux into the hydrostatic linear guides is controlled continuously by the central automatic lubrication system.

Multiblade Gang Saw can cut multiple small blocks at the same time.

Main Shaft and Flywheel System

The main shaft is manufactured from forged steel, and crack and porosity test is made by ultrasonic testing. Hardness and material analysis are applied to the material of the main shaft after heat treatment. 

The bearings are manufactured from cast iron of the quality of GG 30 and the roller bearing shells are machined with 0,01 precision on CNC machining tools.

The other parts of the crank-connection rod mechanism are manufactured from special forged steel material.

The roller bearings are lubricated by a closed-loop lubrication system.

The shafts of the connection rods are equipped with a double safety system. The movement of the flywheel is transmitted to the blade rack by two connection rods.

The whole mechanism is engineered at the MKS R&D department by performing the force and the life calculations.

Columns and Elevator 

The columns which form the main carrier construction of the Marble Gangsaw Machine are manufactured by bending corrosion-resistant material and welding technology and are durable the impacts and vibrations.

The elevator is guided by V prismatic guides on two columns, whilst the other columns are in contact with flat guides and move up - down sensitively on the low frictional guides. The sliding takes place on skids in a low friction coefficient material. The guides are manufactured from stainless steel and the guide bearings are manufactured from special material. Screw - nut mechanism, consisting of the large diameter screws manufactured from ground material and the nuts manufactured from special alloyed bronze material, is driven by gearboxes located on the columns so that the elevator moves up - down. There are extra abrasion measurement nuts on the column screw nuts.

The maintenance operation of the column guides and the guide bearings is easy to take and these guides and the guide bearings can be replaced easily in the future. The screws are protected against water, mud, etc. by stainless steel covers. There are windows on the covers for the lubrication of the screws and the nuts without detaching the covers. The block trolley is fixed on the elevator by four locking mechanisms not to move during the cutting operation.

Automatic Lubrication System for Guides  

Slides of the elevator, screws, and nuts system are lubricated by a central automatic lubrication system which moves the elevator up and down. 

Main engine Belt Pulley and Flywheel System 

The tension system between the motor shaft and the flywheel is independent of each other. Therefore, the flywheel belts are tensioned without loss of power and efficiency. Thanks to this system, when the flywheel belt is tensioned, the power coming from the main motor shaft is removed from the center, and unnecessary power consumption and excessive amperage attraction are prevented.

Control Unit with Air Cooler  

All of the operating functions of the Marble Gang Saw Stone Cutting Machine is controlled by the touch screen operator terminal on the electric panel. Also, the digital main motor current ammeter, digital machine feeding voltage voltmeter, emergency stop button, and speed potentiometer are located on the control panel. The electric panel is manufactured from hot dipped galvanized material and double layer epoxy and paint are applied on it. During manual operation, all the functions of the Gang Saw (gangsaw) Block Cutting Machine are controlled from the touch screen operator terminal. Also, there is a trolley forward-backward button, elevator up-down buttons, and elevator fast-slow buttons on the control console. In the automatic mode; first of all, block dimensions are defined on the touch screen. Then, the main motor is started and the water flow switch, oil pressure switch, and other sensors existing on the Gang Saw Stone Cutting Machine are controlled. When the main motor reaches its revolution, the elevator is actuated and the cutting process starts.Multi Blades Marble Gang Saw stops automatically when the block-cutting process finishes.Air conditioning is installed in the machine's electrical panel for preventing overheating inside of the panel.



Diamond Multiblade Gang Saw (Gangsaw) Machine for Marble & Natural Stone Cutting are equipped with standardly as follows ;                                 

PLC Equipment                                   : OMRON                                                                   

Electrical Equipments                       : SCHNEIDER                      

Bearings                                                : SKF                                                           

Air Equipments                                   : FESTO                                                                                        

Motor                                                     : GAMAK, WATT                                                                   



Painting  Process ;

1st          Sand Blustering All The Surfaces

2nd        Epoxy Application 

3rd         Quality Control 

4th          Epoxy And Paste Application  

5th          Acrylic Painting


Max. number of bladesadet/pcs80
Stroke per minute 92
Blade strokemm800
Main motor powerkw/hp110 / 147.5
Rapid raising / descending motor powerkw/hp11 / 14.8
Slow raising / descending motor powerkw/hp2.2 / 3
Max. block dimensions (Length x Width x Height)mm3250x2000x2000
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height)mm11400 x 4450 x 5150
Total electric powerkw/hp132 / 180
Machine Weightkg48200


Since 1978, we are proud of the rightful trust in our machines that have been working successfully in the country and in the world, and we are in an effort to offer you quality.

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