Horizontal Splitting Machine

Technicial Specifications

The new Horizontal Splitting Machine for splitting marble and natural stone is compact, easy to use and adjust, and allows exceptional production performances thanks to improvements in quality and performance. The machines are suitable for splitting marble and natural stone strips/tiles into two pieces up to max. width of 480 mm (YTYM 4x480), 630 mm (YTYM 6x630), and min.-max.thickness of 300/100 mm.


Models :

YTYM 4x480  Horizontal Splitting Machine for Marble/Natural Stone Strips/ Tiles

YTYM 6X630  Horizontal Splitting Machine for Marble/Natural Stone Strips/ Tiles


Main innovative features of Horizontal Splitting Machine :

a) The conveyor belt sliding plane and the mobile bridge sliding columns are fixed to a heavy base made in a very thick electro-welded plate;

b) An only mobile bridge, supporting all the engines, vertically runs along with two (4 heads Horizontal Splitting) and/or four columns (6 heads Horizontal Splitting), which are fixed to the base, in order to allow the thickness change thanks to a motorized movement whose height is displayed;

c) The sides’ guides and the dividing plate are fixed to the mobile bridge. They follow the mobile bridge vertical change, so they do not need any further adjustment. The spindle engines are fixed to the mobile bridge by the flange and are perfectly perpendicular to the working plane;

d) The engines' wheel-base can be changed to fit the different disc diameters. The discs can be vertically adjusted one by one;

e) The discs are directly mounted on the shafts of special spindle engines, suitable to support both radial and axial stresses, so all the power is transmitted to the discs without the losses caused by the belt drive. In this way, the available power increases by 25/30% at a parity of installed power.


Most important advantages of Horizontal Splitting Machine :

1) Reduction in marble waste during cutting;

2) Saving of electricity;

3) Saving on cutting costs by using discs of smaller diameter and thickness;

4) Possibility of discarding defective material before cutting it uselessly to final thickness.



Total number of discadet/pcs.46
Disc diametermm625-725650-750-900
Min./Max. cutting widthmm200/480200/630
Min./Max. cutting thicknessmm30-10030-100
Belt widthmm370510
Disc motor powerkw/hp22/3022/30
Conveyor belt motor powerkw/hp1.5/21.5/2
Bridge up-down movement motor powerkw/hp0.75/11.5/2
Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height)mm4750 x 1850 x 22006700 x 2400 x 2200
Total electric powerkw/hp90/121135/181
Machine weightkg42007300


Since 1978, we are proud of the rightful trust in our machines that have been working successfully in the country and in the world, and we are in an effort to offer you quality.

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