Polishing Lines for Marble Slabs

Technicial Specifications

Polishing Line(s) for Marble Slab(s), Slab Polishing Line, Slab Polishing Machine(s) for Marble and Granite 
New Design, High Performance
Nowadays, Polishing Line(s) for Marble and Granite Slabs Machines are manufactured not conceded from the material quality and at a level that will meet customers’ needs and expectations at world standards by the importance of capacity and performance with developed technologies. A long-life Slab Polishing Line(s) for Marble and Granite Machines has been designed with its highly corrosion-resistant main frame, bridge, and electric-electronic and mechanic systems to ensure high performance at maximum capacity. 
Strengthened Frame
The main frame of the Slab Polishing Machine for Marble and Granite Machine is manufactured by welding construction and has a strong and highly corrosion-resistant structure. NPI 450 profile is used for main consoles and NPI 380 profile is used for intermediate consoles. Frame plates are supported by HEB100 profiles. 
The main frame and other parts of the Granite Marble Slab Polishing Line Machine Machine are sanded for the best adhesion of epoxy resin and dye to surfaces. After applying the epoxy resin, the machine parts are passed through a precision machining process at CNC machining plants. When the pre-assembly of the machine is finished, the last dyeing process is applied to all the parts and the parts are prepared for the final assembly.
Polishing Head
Polishing spindles used on Granite Marble Slab Polishing Line Machines are passed through a precision machining process at CNC machining plants. Polishing shafts are manufactured from special steel material and the whole surfaces of the shafts are chrome plated against corrosion. Motor pulleys and polishing plates are manufactured from special alloy cast iron. The polishing tables are manufactured from special alloy cast aluminum. Connection holes and abrasive holder canals of the tables are machined at CNC machining plants. The polishing tables are designed as 8 abrasives that will be able to be attached. 
The motor pulleys are fitted by quick connection couplings, so that assembly and adjustment of the pulleys are made easier. Since the polishing heads are compact, they can be assembled and disassembled easily during maintenance operations.
Inner spindles and roller bearings are protected against pressure water and dust by oil barriers, labyrinths, and special seals. There is a protection cover manufactured from PVC material located under the polishing head which protects the polishing shaft. The polishing spindles are driven by poly-v belts with PL profile which has high strength values and that can keep their structural properties against sudden strains. 
Abrasive consumption is measured by linear potentiometers attached to the polishing head and by linear potentiometers attached to the Marble and Granite Slab Polishing Machine at the entrance of it which reads the thickness of the slab. When one of the abrasives finishes, the operator is warned by a warning lamp located on the machine, and abrasive information is seen on the touch screen. Then the related polishing head is stopped automatically and the head goes up. The operator touches the “Change Abrasive” button on the touch screen and all the heads go up, the belt stops and the bridge comes in front. After the abrasive is changed, the operator touches the “Abrasive Changed” button on the touch screen and Polishing Line(s) for Marble and Granite Slabs Machine continues its automatic working where it has stopped. 
3 air valves are used in the first 2 heads and the 2 air valves for the remaining heads. High polishing quality is achieved thanks to the stability of the flight of heads and the high speed of the bridge. Each head’s movements are used with a separate valve unit for take-off and landing thus broken / shapeless slabs can be polished with high quality.
Bridge Movement (Shapeless slabs with high-quality polishing)
The bridge is manufactured in a single piece by welding construction of steel plates and a sliding console fabricated from steel casting. The displacement amount of the bridge is minimized and a static structure is obtained against vibrations with the bridge’s strong construction. 
Rectangular bores are formed on the bridge for the assembly of the polishing spindles. Slides and the surface where the polishing spindles are assembled are machined coplanar on CNC machining units. After the assembly of the polishing spindles, the center of gravity of the bridge occurs on the center of the bridge. So, a strong construction is carried out by balancing high values of the moment of inertia occurring during forward-backward movements and sudden accelerating and decelerating of the bridge. The front curtain system of the bridge is seen on the left side photograph. The front curtain system is motorized for the operator to move up - down easily
The lubricating process of the polishing spindles is simplified as the lubricating system is taken to the front side of the bridge. There are separate central lubricating systems for each polishing spindle. The rotary water mechanism above the polishing head and three different areas inside the polishing spindle are lubricated by a central lubricating system.
Belt Movement and Bridge Movement 
Slab Polishing Line(s) for Marble and Granite Machine belts is driven by planet reducer 
The bridge is driven by two pieces braking SERVO MOTOR - SERVO REDUCER groups. The bridge movement motors are inverter-controlled and the bridge speed is adjustable. 
There are two shafts in the bridge. One of these shafts is the driving shaft which drives the bridge, the other one is the balancing shaft which is idle. Racks - pinion gears of the bridge movement system have helical evolvent profiles and they are hardened and ground. Movement of the shaft is transferred to the pinion gears by quick connection couplings with conical fastening. So that formations of any spaces between the shaft and the pinion gears are obstructed. The bridge is able to make sudden stops and departures and is able to keep its rigidity during these sudden stops and departures. Also, the bridge operates quite and without any vibration at high speeds of a maximum of 50 m/min. 
The bridge moves between rollers and plates working in oil baths located on the bridge foots. These rollers and plates are manufactured from high-resistive material against abrasion, applied heat treatment, and ground. Stainless steel protections cover the roller systems and protect them against dust and water. 
On the bridge feet, there are water barriers near the oil baths obstructing humidity to enter the oil baths. The oil level of the oil baths is controlled by transparent oil level plugs and oil draining plugs located at the back side of the bridge feet. Assembly view of the driving and the balancing gears.
Control System
Automatic Slab Polishing Machine for Marble and Granite Machine is equipped with advanced technology touch screen operator terminal. Operation of the machine and adjustments of the parameters needed for the functions of the machine are carried out from this terminal. Information of the bridge and the belt speeds, abrasive consumption, etc. can be followed from the touch screen operator terminal.
The touch screen terminal and control panel are located on the input of the machine for the operator to use them easily. Buttons for manual operation are located on the control panel. There are automatic or manual operation selection buttons, the bridge speed and the belt speed adjustment buttons during manual operation, and buttons for the other equipment placed on the motorized rollers such as the air propeller and brush on the control panel.
A Map of the slab is drawn by map switches on the input of the Granite Marble Slab Polishing Line Machine and transmitted to PLC. The movement of the bridge and of the polishing heads according to the form of the slab is described by the PLC program specially developed by MKS and the machine works automatically. 
Two types of pneumatic control systems are applied to Marble and Granite Slab Polishing Machine. The first one is the calibration pneumatic system on which upper and lower pressures are able to be adjusted separately. This system is either applied on the first head on the machine up to 10 heads or applied on the first 2 heads on the machine having 10 and more heads. In this system, the advantages of separate lower pressure are controlling the main corrosive abrasive and fine process of the stone while using corrosive diamonds. The second pneumatic control system is the standard control system on which only the upper pressure is adjustable.
Air conditioning is installed on the machine's electrical panel for preventing overheating inside of the panel.
In order to prevent the breakage of the copper wires in the cable which may occur over time, orange movable wires are used in the electrical cable installation.
Automatic Loading / Unloading Robots for Marble and Granite Slabs: There are different types of Loading and Unloading Robots for Slabs of Marble and Granite depending on marble/granite factories, customers, and processing line design.
Polishing Line(s) for Marble Slab(s), Slab Polishing Line, Slab Polishing Machine(s) for Marble and Granite :
+Stone mapping system (for delicate polishing ) – IP 65 wired switch with the security mechanism
+Bridge Motors and Reducers are equipped with Servo System
Low abrasive consumption with Reverse pressure system ( 0-4 bar )
+According to the strength of the material delicate pressure adjustment opportunity
+Special alloy polishing tray/plate
+Preserving metal sheets and covers polyester material
+Extra 200liter pressure centralized additional air tank
+10''inch colored touchscreen control unit
+MKS company generated a special PLC polishing program
+PLC-controlled full automatic working process 
+Sensors for abrasive ending notification 
+Automatic slab thickness measuring system
+Valves with speedy reaction and high flow of air pressure ( Special Design )
+To prevent belt tear off Polly v belt and pulley mechanism
+Oiling system for polishing heads on the center of the heads (for all time and perfect lubrication for polishing heads)
+High-quality belts for marble and granite 
+Modular tube system for polishing heads
+Hot galvanize bathed and painted electric panel 
+The electric panel is separated from the Machine
+The electric panel is attached air conditioner 
+Completely ‘ CE ’ approved control unit ''24 volts''
+Automatically controlled front covering system for polishing heads
Main NEW Features
+Bridge movement is driven by Servo Motor and Servo Reducer ( Rossi – Italy) which is controlled by Servo Driver ( Mitsubishi ).
+Belt movement is driven by a planetary Gearbox ( Rossi – Italy )
+Double layer polishing plates/tray is made of special alloy and its diameter is 580 mm with which it can attachable 8 abrasives in order 1 in 1 out
+A supporting bridge foot is added to the center of the chassis for removing the amount of deflection.
+All electric wiring is used special flexible cables that are prevented statics and cable broken.
+The machine has extra air valve units which are limited to fly-up polishing heads max 1 cm from the side of the slabs during the polishing process. Thanks to this system for getting better quality for 4 corners of slabs even unshaped slabs.
All products are equipped standardly as follows ; 
Electrical Equipment: SCHNEIDER 
Bearings: SKF 
Air Equipments: FESTO 
Painting Process ;
1st Sand Blustering All The Surfaces
2nd Epoxy Application 
3rd Quality Control 
4th Epoxy And Paste Application 
5th Acrylic Painting

Number of polishing headsadet/pcs.4-68-1012-14-1618-20
Polishing heads plate diametermm610610610610
Max. polishing widthmm2000200020002000
Min./Max. polishing thicknessmm10-10010-10010-10010-100
Bell widthmm2100210021002100
Polishing heads motor powerkw/hp11/1511/1511/1511/15
Bridge movement motor powerkw/hp7.5/107.5/10+7.5/107.5/10+7.5/107.5/10+7.5/10
Overall dimensions (Width / Height)mm3150x23503150x23503150x23503150x2350
Machine lengthmm6370/75008810/1030011520/12750/1396015180/16400
Total electric powerkw/hp55/74-77/103100/134-128/172150/201-172/230-194/260216/289-240/323
Machine weightkg16000/1750019300/2100024000/26000/2800030500/32500


Since 1978, we are proud of the rightful trust in our machines that have been working successfully in the country and in the world, and we are in an effort to offer you quality.

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